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CookstownCash Ready to Rock

Published on November 5, 2014 by in Uncategorized

CookstownCash Ready to Rock

Preparations are complete at the Cookstown and Alliston Curling Clubs as they host the World Curling Tour this week.

The first ever World Curling Tour event in Cookstown/Alliston area will commence play on Thursday night at the Cookstown Curling Club.  Teams from across Canada and the United States are competing for more than $30,000.00 in cash.  Along with the cash come valuable Order of Merit points on the World Curling Tour.

Admission to the event is free.  Spectators are advised to show up well in advance of games times to get a seat.  Seats are on a first come, first served basis.

“This is a chance to see the best curlers up close.  Rarely do you get access to the athletes like this.  The players you see on television will be here this week, in our clubs.  We’re very excited to get this event underway.”  Says Dale Matchett, Co-Chairman of the event.

Some notable games from the draw include:

Thursday Nov. 6 9:00pm – Cookstown – Prebble (Cookstown, ON) vs. Casey (Charlottetown, PEI)

Friday Nov.7, 10:00am – Alliston – Kean (Toronto, ON) vs. Jakubo (Sudbury, ON)

Friday Nov.7, 3:00pm – Alliston – Casey (Charlottetown, PEI) vs. Brown* (Minnesota, USA)

Friday Nov.7, 7:00pm – Cookstown – Corner**(Brampton, ON) vs. Epping*** (Toronto, ON) & Bowser (Ottawa, ON) vs. Frans (Erin, ON)

Saturday Nov.8, 10:00am – Alliston – Ross (Harriston, ON) vs. Heggestad (Kimble, ON)

Saturday Nov.8, 12:00pm – Cookstown – Bodogh**** (St. Catharines, ON) vs. Spencer (Guelph, ON)

Saturday Nov.8, 5:00pm – Alliston – Harrison (Brantford, ON) vs. Russell (Orangeville, ON)

Saturday Nov.8, 8:30pm – Cookstown – Men’s Playoffs First Round

Sunday – All Day – Cookstown – Men’s and Women’s Championship Round


*Team Brown is US National Team and members of Team USA at 2014 Olympics

**Team Corner is returning Champion and members are 2-time World Curling Champions

***Team Epping is ranked 9th in the World by the Order of Merit

****Team Bodogh members are World Curling Champions

You can get all of the scores and results by following @CookstownCash on twitter.

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Epping Takes Aim at CookstownCash

Published on October 26, 2013 by in Uncategorized

The John Epping foursome had a great run last weekend at the Masters of Curling. They finally lost to the eventual winner Brad Gushue in the semi-final. That was their 7th spiel of the season already.

The Epping team has hit both highs and lows this season already. here is a snapshot of the busy fall Tim March, Patrick Janssen, Travis Fanset, and skip Epping have had.

Stu Sells Oakville Tankard Oakville, Ontario
Draw Team Game
1 vs. Krell (ON) – OOM:132 W 8-4
2 vs. Casey (PEI) – OOM:28 W 7-5
9 vs. Walker (ON) – OOM:53 W 7-5
13 vs. Bowser (ON) – OOM:69 W 4-3
QF vs. Bowser (ON) – OOM:69 W 5-3
SF vs. Murdoch (SCO) – OOM:9 W 4-2
CF vs. McEwen (MB) – OOM:3 L 2-6
AMJ Campbell Shorty Jenkins Classic Brockville, Ontario
Draw Team Game
2 vs. Menard (QC) – OOM:15 W 6-5
4 vs. Tuck Jr. (ON) – OOM:50 W 9-4
7 vs. Desjardins (QC) – OOM:111 W 8-4
12 vs. Gardner (ON) – OOM:44 W 6-2
15 vs. Jacobs (ON) – OOM:1 L 3-5
QF vs. Gushue (NL) – OOM:5 W 7-3
SF vs. Jacobs (ON) – OOM:1 L 5-7
Point Optical Curling Classic Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Draw Team Game
1 vs. Sluchinski (AB) – OOM:49 W 6-3
3 vs. Michel (SUI) – OOM:14 W 8-4
5 vs. Jacobs (ON) – OOM:1 L 3-5
8 vs. Carruthers (MB) – OOM:18 W 8-5
10 vs. Edin (SWE) – OOM:7 L 3-4
11 vs. Plys (USA) – OOM:26 W 8-3
12 vs. Sluchinski (AB) – OOM:49 W 5-2
QF vs. Edin (SWE) – OOM:7 W 7-4
SF vs. Jacobs (ON) – OOM:1 W 3-2
CF vs. McEwen (MB) – OOM:2 L 4-5
StuSells Toronto Tankard Toronto, Ontario
Draw Team Game
3 vs. Corner (ON) – OOM:73 W 7-2
7 vs. Retchless (ON) – OOM:64 W 4-2
10 vs. Jacobs (ON) – OOM:1 L 3-6
12 vs. Grattan (NB) – OOM:36 W 8-4
15 vs. Howard (ON) – OOM:9 L 5-6
18 vs. Rumfeldt (ON) – OOM:31 L 0-6
Canad Inns Men’s Classic Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Draw Team Game
1 vs. Hyde (MB) – OOM:236 W 9-1
3 vs. Virtue (AB) – OOM:34 W 8-4
6 vs. Dunstone (MB) – OOM:134 L 5-6
8 vs. Zang (CHN) – OOM:26 W 8-7
9 vs. McEwen (MB) – OOM:2 L 3-4
10 vs. Morozumi (JPN) – OOM:22 L 6-7
Challenge Chateau Cartier de Gatineau Gatineau, Quebec
Draw Team Game
3 vs. Lachance (ON) – OOM:132 W 6-5
6 vs. Zang (CHN) – OOM:26 L 4-5
8 vs. Fournier (QC) – OOM:92 W 6-3
11 vs. Ferland (QC) – OOM:63 W 8-5
14 vs. Carruthers (MB) – OOM:15 L 2-6
17 vs. Smith (SCO) – OOM:42 W 6-4
19 vs. Menard (QC) – OOM:17 L 4-7
Masters of Curling Selkirk, Manitoba
Draw Team Game
5 vs. Stoughton (MB) W 5-4
8 vs. Ulsrud (NOR) W 5-4
10 vs. Gushue (NL) L 3-7
12 vs. Howard (ON) W 6-5
MQF vs. Michel (SUI) W 5-4
SF vs. Gushue (NL) L 5-6

Now that’s one busy fall.  One would think that a title has to be in their future.  Could the CookstownCash finally be it?

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